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Welcome to the world of strong believers in responsible AI
ElephantAI Team has strong ethical roots and never compromises their beliefs in safe, responsible and human oriented Artificial Intelligence.
What we believe in?
People first
People are the driving force of the technology, not the other way round. Empower them and they will transform your company.
AI must be valuable
AI is a wonderful technology that should be used for the benefit of companies and individuals.
Responsible AI
AI must be ethically correct, as with power comes great responsibility.
Constant growth
Highly recommended for mid-level management as well as those looking for a new career path.
AI is easy and fun
AI is unnecessarily presented as complicated, while it is simple, logic and fun (and we don’t mean just coding!)
Our offices
Elephant AI
Meet the team
Alex Kwiatkowski
Founder and CEO

Strategic business transformation expert, IT Engineer, Business Book author, Psychologist and Therapist

  • Delivered successful 60+ large-scale transformation projects
  • AI business architect
  • Co-creator of 5+ successful startups
  • Angel Investor
  • Former managing partner at Kearney, PwC, and IBM
Maria Parysz
Founder, Chief Transformation Expert

Tech transformation expert, 11M data science community builder, AI PhD researcher, Book author, Tech key-note

  • Hand’s on AI manager with 50+ project delivered
  • 20 years in tech industry
  • Co-creator of 11M strong Data Science community
  • CEO & Founder of award-winning AI firms: LogicAI and RecoAI
  • PhD researcher in AI
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Ethical approach is a given
Our company is ethical by default, producing AI solutions in a responsible and ethically
sound way, using AI for good, and also giving back to the community.
Saving endangered species with AI

We like to see an impact of technology in the world, also in the world of animals, that need our help. We use our financial resources, knowledge and relations to support, create and popularise the usage of AI technologies.

Mentoring is a new black

We have been very fortunate in business, so we believe in giving back to the community. We share what we know of – AI, technology, AI product building, transformation, strategic management – to young entrepreneurs, women in technology, communities in developing countries and teens who need a good jumpstart into AI!

Sustainable Development Goals

Being sustainable is a no-brainer for us – we just are and will be, and that’s it. We already contribute to 7 Sustainable Goals: No poverty, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Economic Growth, Industry Innovation, Reduced Inequalities, Life on Land.

Would you like to join our Team?
Check our job openings, or just drop us an email and show us how and why would you like to change the world of AI for good!