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Our goal is to help people understand the potential and challenges associated with AI by creating an open, friendly, and innovative community where everyone can learn about AI, share experiences, and develop their skills.

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Members about the Community

Joanna Raszka
Senior Project Manager

I was lucky to connect with like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds and become a part of a network that will undoubtedly support my future endeavours - the AI Managers Community (Elephant AI Professionals).

Justyna Jakuć
Advertising Project Team Leader

What makes this community exceptional is its practical focus, making it accessible and valuable for managers from diverse backgrounds. Over the past few weeks I've divided deep into the fascinating world of AI. The live sessions, video lessons, and engaging daily discussions have forced a vibrant community where knowledge is freely shared among fellow managers.

Kamil Mazur
Business Development Director

I feel this is the beginning of my fascinating journey in the world of AI! The international community of Elephant AI Professionals offers plenty of development opportunities, networking, participation in live meetings, study tours, and business missions!

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Engage in stimulating discussions, share cutting-edge insights, and learn from experts in the field. Our community fosters a culture of continuous learning and intellectual curiosity.
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Stay informed about the latest tools, frameworks, and best practices to enhance your AI projects and stay ahead of the curve.
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Get to know some of our special guests:
Seffi Cohen
Chief Data Scientist | Kaggle Grandmaster
Alberto Danese
Head of Data Science at Nexi | Kaggle
Andrada Vulpe
Data Scientist | Z by HP Global Data Science Ambassador | Kaggle Grandmaster

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At Elephant AI, we believe that the true power of AI lies in the collective wisdom and collaboration of passionate individuals. Whether you are a seasoned AI professional, an aspiring data scientist, or simply an AI enthusiast, our community offers a vibrant and inclusive space to learn, share, and grow together.
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Community events

Seffi Cohen is an AI researcher. He received a B.Sc degree in computer science from MTA, Tel-Aviv, and an M.Sc degree in computer science from the Open University, Israel. He is currently finishing Ph.D. degree in software and information systems engineering at Ben Gurion University. His Ph.D. focus on ensemble methods and Enhancing AI models. He was the head of the AI Center of Excellence, and founded one of the first data science teams in Israel and led dozens of various AI solutions successfully deployed and yielded tangible value.

Q&A and edu session – What to do after the course – how to plan next steps for your AI growth?

Build, deploy, and scale ML models faster, with pre-trained and custom tooling within a unified artificial intelligence platform.

Appsilon’s Data for Good program was created with this goal in mind: to use technology to improve life on Earth and help solve the most important problems in the world. Jędrzej will talk about the high-impact, climate change, biodiversity and environmental protection projects. These projects are implemented effectively, with a focus on creating sustainable solutions that make a real difference.

Q&A and edu session – How to sell your IDEA to DECISION MAKERS’

Bill Schmarzo is a recognized global innovator, educator, and practitioner in  of Big Data, Data Science & Design Thinking.

Bill is currently part of Dell Technology’s core data management leadership team, where he is responsible for spearheading customer co-creation engagement to identify and prioritize the customers’ key data management, data science, and data monetization requirements.

As the former CTO at Dell EMC,  he formulated the company’s Big Data Practice strategy, identified target markets, developed solution frameworks, and led analytics client engagements with his Vision Workshop, a methodology that links an organization’s strategic business initiatives with supporting data and analytics

Bill also served as the Chief Innovation Officer at Hitachi Vantara where he was responsible for driving Hitachi Vantara’s Data Science and “co-creation” efforts.  He was selected for Hitachi Limited’s 2020 Solution Innovation Award for his ground-breaking work in data science and Automated Machine Learning.
Bill is the author of four books including: Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big BusinessBig Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science,The Art of Thinking Like a Data Scientist and  and The Economics of Data, Analytics, and Digital Transformation.
Bill is currently an Adjunct Professor at Menlo College, an Honorary Professor at the University of Ireland – Galway, and an Executive Fellow at the University of San Francisco, School of Management, and has conducted lectures for universities world-wide  on topics including Unleashing the Economic Value of Data, The Art of Thinking Like a Data Scientist”, and Future-proofing your Career.
Bill has served on the City of San Jose’s Technology Innovation Board, and on the faculties of The Data Warehouse Institute and Strata. He is an avid blogger and is ranked the #4 Big Data, #4 Data Science and #6 Digital Transformation influencer worldwide by Onalytica. He is a frequent event and corporate speaker, and his expertise is sought after by leading industry publications and conferences.
Bill holds a Master of Business Administration from University of Iowa and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Administration from Coe College.

Introduction to AI services in AWS by Emilia Smółko
AWS provides very broad set of machine learning capabilities. Emilia will provide guidance how to find services we need and make conscious decisions when building new solutions. From AI/ML stack she will describe examples of fully managed services where AI specific skills are not required to be able to benefit from them. Opposite, when You plan to deliver your own model training or inference there is available selection of frameworks, accelerators and server types to enable AI/ML projects to be delivered faster and with lower cost.

Compliance in AI-powered architectures by Kacper Dąbrowski
Presentation on the compliance in AI-powered architectures. Dive into the crucial intersection of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and regulatory adherence, as we explore strategies to ensure that your AI implementations align seamlessly with industry standards and legal requirements. Discover how to navigate the complexities of data privacy, model transparency, and ethical considerations, all while harnessing the power of AI to its fullest potential.

Amazon Sagemaker as a Comprehensive Toolset for AI Creators by Paweł Zawadzki
In this session, we will delve into the intricacies of Amazon Sagemaker, discovering its potential as a comprehensive toolset for AI creators. Attendees will gain insights into how Sagemaker can be leveraged to craft complete world-class AI/ML solutions that address today’s business challenges. The session will feature a demo that will allow participants to experience the power of Sagemaker firsthand.

Emilia Smółko
Loves to learn on everyday basis to raise the bar and create better solutions aligned with business objectives. She is enterprise level solutions architect with experience in on-premises and in cloud technologies. Started as a Java developer and continue hands-on abilities to verify concepts and be able to experience full stack development. Identifies with and cares about Diversity, Integrity, Respect, Engagement, Courage and Trust.

Kacper Dąbrowski
With 15+ years in IT and a focus on AWS, Kacper Dąbrowski specializes in building architectures for sophisticated IT systems including AI-powered contact center systems. Their expertise ensures compliance and robust architectures, reflecting a dedication to merging cutting-edge technology with top-tier security.

Paweł Zawadzki
Senior Solutions Architect with 15+ years of experience in the IT that spans both on-premises and cloud environments. Big enthusiast of AI, advocate for low-code/no-code software development, certified cloud security professional. Pawel’s mission is to help businesses harness the power of AI with data, facilitating informed business decisions and driving unparalleled business value.


Join Parnaz Tabrizian, a seasoned leader with a rich background in emerging technologies and artificial intelligence strategy, as she dives deep into the world of startups and AI product building. Drawing from her 10+ years of experience in management consulting and leadership roles, combined with her 6+ years in end-to-end delivery of large scale AI/ML projects, Parnaz offers unique insights into transforming initial AI concepts into scalable and supportable solutions.

In this session, participants will:

  • Learn about the challenges and triumphs in the startup ecosystem when introducing AI-driven products.
  • Understand how to harness generative AI for innovative product development, as highlighted by her work in CPP Investments.
  • Get actionable insights into collaboration with academia for research commercialization, with real-life examples from sectors such as health, airlines, pharmaceuticals, and transportation.
  • Explore the interplay between AI and financial technology, especially in the context of sustainability and climate change.

This is a unique opportunity to tap into Parnaz’s multidisciplinary background, which spans environmental engineering, microfluidics, nanomaterials, surface chemistry, and water management. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, or someone curious about the future of AI in the startup world, this session promises a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.

Parnaz Tabrizian Parnaz is a passionate advocate for innovation, technology, sustainability, and academic research. With a rich blend of experiences spanning AI strategy, consulting, and research commercialization, she has led significant innovation projects with a keen focus on alpha generation and sustainability. A mentor to AI startups at École des dirigeants HEC Montréal and an advisor at THE HOLT XCHANGE, Parnaz is committed to bridging the gap between AI theory and real-world application. Her academic credentials include an MBA with a focus on Strategy and Data Analytics from HEC Montréal, and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from McGill University.

Luca Massaron is an esteemed figure in the realm of data science. He holds the position of Data Science & Modelling Senior Expert at illimity Bank, and has also earned recognition as a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning.

  • Luca’s expertise spans across statistics, machine learning, and AI. His experience has been enriched by his association with various sectors, from finance and telecommunications to public administration.
  • He’s not just been an individual contributor; as a manager, he has overseen the recruitment, training, and leading of data science teams, showcasing results and innovations to top-tier management.
  • His inclination towards sharing knowledge is evident from his authorship of over 15 popular science books that discuss data science, machine learning, and AI. These books have garnered international acclaim, with translations available in a multitude of languages including German, Spanish, Chinese, and Persian.
  • Luca is also recognized for his significant achievements in international data science competitions, where he consistently ranks amongst the best.

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  • AI case study every two months
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