A new approach to digital transformation
People are the driving force of AI technology. Not the other way round.
Be the leader of the future and use the ‘extended brain’ of your employees.
AI is disrupting all industries and transforming company from within is cheaper, faster and more effective.
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Evolution AI - be the leader of the future and use the ‘extended brain’ of your employees.
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Proven on 50 projects, iterative process of people - data - processes and technology.
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Empower your people with knowledge how to manage technology and they will transform the company from within
It’s cheaper

Savings on well chosen technology (streamlined to actually needed products) Treat AI as your servant, use the power of technology.

50% Faster

A powerful and fast net, made of your team’s minds works faster than external consulants engaged (extended mind) as a growth power.

More effective

When it comes to creating effective solutions, experience and industry knowledge are key. That’s why we believe that teams within your company are best equipped to design solutions that meet your unique needs.

Grow your company with AI, better
than others others do
The future belongs to AI
Investments in artificial intelligence (AI) are currently breaking records, and it appears that the race to develop AI technology is already underway. The rapidly increasing interest in AI has led to significant investments in research and development, as well as in companies that are working to advance the field.
already started
AI Transformation
Is the declared number of AI & ML Projects per company on average by 2025
Elephant AI
Evolution Intelligence Framework

With decades of experience across dozens of AI projects and digital transformations, we have developed a unique approach that unlocks the full potential of your organization. Our methodology creates a unified brain of your employees, supporting community building from within and beyond. By bringing together business and IT/data science, we ensure that your projects are driven by the right ideas, supported by the best project portfolio, and executed with the highest quality assurance standards. With a keen focus on data management, ML ops, security, and ethical AI, we deliver solutions that are both innovative and responsible.

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Help people in your company transform into new intelligence
Human Intelligence
Human intelligence is believed to be the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors
Artificial Intelligence
AI supported with IoT AI will become transformative in every industry by creating networks of networks with human brains
Evolution Intelligence
The merge of collective human brain capabilities with AI will result in radical enhancement of our own cognitive abilities.
Hands-on process that delivers instant value, people learn while they produce results
Upskill people
Let people see the power in your data and potential for monetization
Let people generate AI ideas best suited for your company’s goals
Use our processes to choose the most eneficial projects and implement them smoothly
Meet the Founders
Alex Kwiatkowski
Founder & CEO
35+ years in strategic and technology advisory. Former managing partner at Kearney, PwC, and IBM. Successful 60+ large-scale transformation projects. Trained business psychologist and therapist. Accomplished angel investor and author of two books.
Maria Parysz
Chief Transformation Expert
Kaggle Days Creator and Community Leader (over 11 mln AI experts), CEO of LogicAI (AI technology company), CEO of RecoAI (AI recommendation engine), Ph.D. Researcher in AI, AI book author and inspirational speaker. 20 years of experience in technology.
Transformation projects, including Digital Transformation
AI and Machine Learning projects successfully delivered
Employees positively impacted by transformation projects
Experience you can rely on
Maria's latest book
AI for Managers is written as a soft landing in the AI world, starting with a rundown of the terminology, easily digestible data science concepts, and a breakdown of common myths about AI and ML.
Additionally the top AI managers across the globe will share 30 practical insights and best practices that you must know to succeed in this field.
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Ethical approach is a given
At the heart of our company lies an unwavering commitment to ethical values. We believe
that responsible and ethical AI solutions are the only way forward, and strive to use the
power of AI for good while giving back to the community.
Saving endangered
species with AI
Development Goals
Mentoring women
in tech & AI
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